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Colorado Springs Audiology, Inc.


If you have questions about your hearing, ask an audiologist!!! 

    Colorado Springs Audiology, Inc. is the independent audiology and hearing aid- dispensing private practice owned and is operated Dr. Gene McHugh, Audiologist.  





    Colorado Springs Audiology is located in a professional building on the Westside.   Click on location (on the sidebar) for a map.


     We are open Monday through Thursday between 9 AM and 5 PM, and closed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.



  • Comprehensive hearing examinations  

  • Ear cleanings using a variety of techniques (instruments, suction and lavage)  

  • All types and styles of hearing aids from the most basic to most sophisticated, assistive listening devices, and related products and services

  • Follow-up counseling for hearing aid users at no extra cost 

 What to Expect At Your First Visit: 

     Our office is designed to put you at ease and our staff members devoted to your comfort and quality of care.  We know how much you value your time.  We will do our best to meet your schedule and see you at your reserved appointment.  If your initial consultation is to determine amplification needs, your comprehensive examination is free.


  • Initial Evaluation:  During your initial visit, we complete a thorough history and audiometric evaluation.  The results are discussed with you or any family members you wish to hear them, along with treatment options.

  • Treatment Options: If your hearing disorder is of a medical nature, you will be referred to your primary care physician for appropriate determination of medical treatment options.  However, if your hearing loss cannot be corrected medically, most people can be effectively treated with hearing aids.  Dr. McHugh will review your individual hearing needs in terms of what is best suited for you and, if appropriate, discuss various kinds of hearing aids and whether you need one or two.  You do not have to purchase hearing aids from our office nor will you feel pressured to do so.

  • Hearing Aids:  There are many technologies and strategies to arrive at the best hearing aid arrangement for the individual.  For hearing aids to be successful, they must be comfortable, practical, acoustically beneficial for the individual's hearing problems, and cosmetically accepting.  All factors are important.  

  • Hearing Aid fitting:  It normally takes 1-2 weeks for your hearing aid(s) to come in.  If this is your first experience, expect the fitting to take 45 minutes to one hour.

  • Cost and Fees:  Fees are posted on our web site.  Hearing aids are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.  Senior discounts are available.










Is Hearing Loss Common? 

      Hearing impairment affects nearly 30 million people in the U.S.  The most common reasons include: 

  • Physical changes due to aging;

  • Prolonged exposure to loud noise;

  • Hereditary factors; (family history)

  • Illnesses, and/or

  • Accidents 

Benefits of Hearing Aids: 

      Studies show that hearing aid users report greater involvement in social activities, fewer worries, and more pleasant social and family experiences than those with uncorrected hearing loss.  Correcting one's hearing can reduce frustration, fatigue, and stress while enhancing emotional stability and self-esteem.  Today, 95% of patients with hearing loss can benefit from using hearing aids.


Hearing Aid Technology:

Technology continues to improve.  Most current hearing aids are digital and more customized than ever before to augment each patient's specific hearing needs.  Our office is NOT restricted to one certain brand.  We use all makes and models of hearing aids.