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         By law in Colorado, all new hearing aids must have a warranty against any damage due to normal wear and tear incurred during the first year of use.  Some products come with a two year warranty.
As a standard, we provide our patients with a two year warranty on hearing aid products.  If the manufacturer only provides one year warranty, our company purchases the second year for you. 

      Extended warranties.  Most companies offer end-customers the opportunity to purchase extended warranties for around $120 -150 per hearing aid, per year for most instruments.  Call your audiologist or dispenser for details if you are unsure.  We do not recommend extended warranties for our patients, but make it available in case someone is interested.

     A warranty covers the cost of any repair. that has resulted from normal use during the course of the defined warranty period.  Obvious abuse not resulting from normal wear and tear may not be covered, although most of time it still is! If the extent of the repair is beyond the ability of the company issuing the warranty to repair the instrument, this falls outside the purview of the warranty.


     As a service to our patients, approximately one month prior to your first warranty expiration, we send a reminder card explaining that the warranty will expire soon, and that if there are any problems, no matter how small to have it checked and, if necessary, sent in to the manufacturer for an in-warranty repair.  We do not continue to send out warranty expiration notices after the initial warranty. 

     If you are visiting Colorado Springs and need servicing on a hearing aid, we would be happy to see you.  Our policy is that we charge a one time fee of $35.00 to process an in-warranty repair.  While in many cases this charge is completely waived, we reserve the right to charge.