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Hearing aids can and do break down. Full-time users should expect that their hearing aid(s) will require repair approximately once every two years. 



Repair Fees

  • Phonak standard repair:  $200.00/hearing aid.  For behind the ear and custom hearing aids that do NOT require repair to the casing.

  • Phonak extensive repair:  $375.00/hearing aid.  For behinid the ear and custom hearing aids that DO require repair to the casing. 

Why do hearing aids break down?

    The most common problem requiring repair involves earwax blocking the hearing aid's speaker system - a problem that is avoidable. However, other problems can occur.  Nonetheless, if you have a hearing aid that needs repair, you will need to go to a dispenser's office for the service.  Often, because of today's complex hearing aids, this will require the hearing aid be sent to the hearing aid manufacturer for servicing.

Do new hearing aids come with a repair warranty?

     Yes.  All new hearing aids come with at least a one year's warranty. Your warranty covers the cost of all repairs during this period.   

Repair warranties

     Most repairs come with a six month warranty against any damage within the following six month period.  For a slightly greater fee, the repair warranty can be extended to one year.  Please ask at the time your hearing aid is being sent in for repair.

Extended warranties

     Most hearing aids have a one year warranty.  Manufacturers normally offer warranty extensions for two and three years for a rather nominal fee.  Please ask at the time you purchase a new hearing aid about extended warranties. Please feel free to call or E-mail if you have questions regarding hearing aid repairs.