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  • All prices for hearing aids are listed below.  With very few exceptions we do not negotiate fees.    

  • Whatever our standard price ...reduce it by 10% and this will be the price YOU pay. 

  • There is NO sales tax on hearing devices in Colorado.

  • By law, we do not provide hearing aids (sales) via the internet.  You must come to this office for services.  

IS A DOWN PAYMENT REQUIRED?  No.  You don't pay anything until you receive your hearing aid devices.

WHEN IS PAYMENT DUE?  Most patients pay in full the day the hearing aids are taken home.  You will find Dr. McHugh and his staff very flexible and patient oriented in this regard.  If you need time payment, we can and will work with you.

WHAT IS THE RETURN PRIVILEDGE?   Hearing aids are backed by a 100% money-back guaranty within thirty (30) days of the purchase date.  If requested, this can be extended.

WHAT HEARING AID BRANDS DO YOU CARRY?   We are not manufacturer-owned or a franchise so we can provide most any brand.  At this time, we are primarily using hearing aids manufacturered by Oticon and Phonak because they have products that provide patients with the best results.  "Lyric" is a product distributed by Phonak, but we do not provide them.  Click here for our rationale.


WHAT ABOUT OPTIONS?  Options such as earmolds, remote controls, telephone coils, additional power amplifiers or other special requests may be added to the cost.  However, most fees listed below represent the total amount charged.



- Open Ear (OE) or Receiver in canal (RIC) - newest behind the ear style with thin wire that normally does not require custom earmold 

- Micro-canal (MC) or ICC - smallest custom product

- Completely in the Canal (CIC) - very small custom product

- In the canal (ITC) - canal style, somewhat visible.  

- Half-shell (HS) - semi-larger - easier to handle

- In the Ear (ITE) - largest - easiest to handle

- Behind the Ear (BTE) - Normally DOES require custom earmolds



Premium:  Represents the most advanced circuitry; most versatile; most features; highest price 

Advanced: Advanced circuitry; slightly less versatile; less features; less expensive than premium

Standard:  Circuitry not as advanced; less versatile than advanced ; less features; less expensive than advanced

Essential Most basic circuitry; less versatile; most affordable



OTICON Per hearing aid
MODEL: Opn Oticon's Newest Normal Price Less 10%
Opn 1 Mini-RITE $2350  $2115
Opn 2 Mini-RITE $1725  $1550
Opn 3 Mini-RITE $1400  $1260
MODEL: Alta Premium    
Alta Pro 2 Design-RITE (OE) $2100 $1890
Alta Pro 2 (BTE & RITE & Mini-RITE) $2100 $1890
Alta Pro 2 Ti* (BTE & RITE & Mini-RITE) $2100 $1890
Alta Pro 2 (ITE, ITC & CIC) $2100 $1890
*Ti - Tinnitus masker option available
MODEL:  Ria Standard

Ria PRO 2 Design RITE (OE)

$1300 $1170

Ria PRO 2 (BTE, RITE mini-RITE)

$1300 $1170

Ria PRO 2 Ti* (BTE, RITE mini-RITE)

$1300 $1170

Ria PRO 2  (ITE, ITC & CIC)

$1300 $1170
*Ti -Tinnitus masker option available

Colors and styles - Alta, Nera & Ria

Technology difference - Alta, Nera & Ria

The following are Oticon's power BTE's (requires custom earmold)
MODEL: Dynamo (High Power)    
Dynamo SP10 (BTE standard) Premium $2400 $2160
Dynamo SP8 (BTE standard) Advanced $2100 $1890
Dynamo SP6 (BTE standard) Standard $1500 $1350
Dynamo SP4 (BTE standard) Essential $1400  $1260
Difference between Dynamo models
Dynamo Colors    

Oticon Accessories
Bluetooth Streamer Pro*
$300.00 $270.00
Remote volume & program adjustment $195.00 $175.00
Bluetooth TV Box for Connectline $250.00 $225.00
Bluetooth Phone Box for ConnectLine $200.00 $180.00
Bluetooth Microphone $300.00 $270.00
Micro-mold to replace universal tips   $84/ear $75/ear
Micro-mold to replace high powered tips $121.00 $110.00

PHONAK  Per Hearing aid 
MODEL: Virto "Venture" Custom Series Normal Price Less 10%
Virto bB90 Wireless Premium $2400 $2160
Virto B70 Wireless Advanced $2000 $1800
Virto B50 Wireless Standard $1650 $1485
Virto V30  Non-wireless Essential $1400 $1260
Each technology level is available in following sizes:
- ITE:  In-the-Ear.  Largest, strongest, easiest to handle
- Half shell or 3/4 shell ITE.  Slightly smaller than ITE
- ITC:  In-the-canal:  Moderately small
- CIC:  Completely-the- Canal:  Smallest
- MC Micro-canal (Titantium):  Used on a limited basis      
MODEL:  Audeo "Venture" RIC Series    
 "RIC" (receiver in canal) over the ear    
Audẻo V90 Wireless  Premium $2555 $2300
Audẻo V70 RIC Wireless Advanced $2127 $1915
Audẻo V50 RIC  Wireless  Standard $1888 $1700
Audẻo V30 RIC Non-Wireless Essential $1650 $1485
Each technology level is available in following sizes
- Audeo 10 (Uses size 10 battery, no t-coil) - smallest size
 - Audeo 312 - (Uses size 312 battery, no t-coil)
- Audeo 312T - (uses size 312 battery, HAS t-coil)
- Audeo 13 - (uses size 13 battery)
Wireless Accessories
Pilot One (Remote control) $250 $225
Compilot & TV Link $370 $333
Compilot & remote mic $370 $333
Micro-mold to replace universal tip   $84/ear $75/ear

Wireless  mic, compilot and Pilot One remote  

Roger Pen (with or without Bluetooth)
Roger Pen (wireless mic + Bluetooth) $1150 $1035
Roger Easy Pen (wireless mic only) $999 $899
Wireless CROS & Bi-CROS    
CROS transmitter $1150 $1035