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I Purchased My Hearing Aids Elsewhere

But Now I Need Help


If you purchased your hearing aids elsewhere (for example in a different city or state) but need assistance in any way, we can and will help.  Normally (meaning most of the time) we charge $75.00 per hearing aid which covers any in office cleaning or maintenance; including if the hearing aids need to be re-programmed. The reason we charge this fee is because if WE take responsibility of your hearing aids, and anything happens (for example, a problem goes from bad to worse), we accept the responsibility to cover the cost of a manufacturer repair.    
NOTE:  If a hearing test is necessary to assist in  hearing aid programming, the fee is $50. Or, if you need ear cleaning, the fee is $25 per ear. We do not participate with Medicare, so the fee is private pay and expected at the time of service.
At Colorado Springs Audiology, our goal is to be helpful in a manner that is in your best interest.  If you have hearing aids but require assistance to the make the hearing aids more useful or your hearing aids are not functioning properly, call.  We'll be more than happy to see you and make the experience pleasant. '