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Custom Westone Products for Musicians and Non-musicians


Custom musician's products are fabulous, and custom inner ear monitors are not only for musicians; they are for those who appreciate great sound quality, with significantly reduced ambient interference in a comfortable custom-made earpiece while listening to their favorite audio devices.  Musicians love how well they work on the stage, but others will love their monitors while listening to their iPod, while working out, or while on the airplane. Ahh, yes... especially on the airplane.  Let those babies cry! 


 Custom earpieces require an appointment with our office.  The office visit is complimentary and it includes an ear examination to rule out and, if necessary, to clear any earwax.  Ear impressions are completed.  The impressions are sent in to Westone for custom fabrication.  Normally, it takes two-three weeks to complete the fabrication.  The results are well sealed, yet comfortable ear pieces. If not perfect, any adjustment is no charge.

Westone Elite Series ES5 Custom Earphone
Inner Ear Monitors



Custom Fit Earpieces Style No. 39
Hunter's Plug with 92dB shutoff valve
Single Ear
Both ears

Musician's plug with acoustic filters of 9dB, 15dB or 25dB

Single Ear


Both ears




Color Options

PLEASE NOTE: Due to inherent differences between our actual materials and computer monitor displays, it is likely that some colors may vary slightly from the actual products. The colors shown are representative of the final product, but we cannot guarantee they will match exactly. This is simply a guide.