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Oticon introduced it's latest MORE series in January of 2021.  The series includes the MORE 1, MORE 2, & MORE 3.  The numbers represent different technology levels with the MORE 1 being the highest technology and MORE 3 being the most basic. In our office, we only carry the top two series. 


Features and Improvements  


OTICON MORETM is a continuation of the Velox STM platform used in the successful Opn S, but ....MORE is MORE.  Oticon's MORE uses a new, powerful platform called Polaris to make it even easier for the brain to decode sound messages. 


Here's how and what the new features are:    


MORE SOUND INTELLIGENCE:  MORE includes a Deep Neural Network (DNN) chip that includes 12 million sounds scenes from real life that process sounds similar to the way the brain learns to process sound and speech to provide more clarity making meaningful sounds STAND OUT! from BACKGROUND SOUNDS.  Tests show the Oticon More increases speech understanding by 15% when compared to the Oticon Opn S1.


SOURCE:  Santurette, S. & Behrens, T. (2020)  The Audiology of Oticon More, Oticon Whitepaper.


MORE SOUND AMPLIFIER (MSA):  Using the Polaris platform, the hearing aid's computational and working memory are doubled compared to the Opn S.  Inputs are modified to better prepare the signal for the 64 channels used in amplifier processing.  Sound engineers know that by controlling the input, processing and amplifying sound is better.  


SOURCE: Brændgaard, M. (2020) An Introduction to the Polaris Platform, Oticon Whitepaper.


MORE SOUND OPTIMIZER & FEEDBACK SHEILD:  MORE sound optimizer and feedback shield are always "on" providing phase inversion and frequency shift to better control unwanted whistling.


SOURCE:  Callaway, S. (2019) Introduction to OpenSound Optimizer.  Oticon Whitepaper.


PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.  Oticon sent out upgraded software that handles the new Polaris platform that we have installed.  The new software is logically arranged and connected by bluetooth.  Oticon provided me with a set of Oticon MORE demo's that I've been working with.  Sound quality is so good and natural that after just a few minutes, clarity of speech seems effortless and feeling like you're not wearing hearing aids at all.  It's not until the hearing aids are "turned off" or removed that one notices the striking difference of how much better this new hearing aid is over past technology.  


COST.  The Oticon MORE is a high-end product.  Don't be surprised if other providers in Colorado quote you $6000+.  However, because of my buying power with Oticon, a cost for a set of two Oticon MORE 1's from my office is $4230.  Why less?  I want more people to experience what it's like to really hear better.          


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