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The Lyric Hearing Aid...

....And Why I Choose NOT to Carry It





Lyric style hearing aids sound good, are practical, and are virtually invisible, but there are problems consumers should know before answering an ad about Lyric.

Several years ago, I was trained to provide Lyric products; however, I decided to not carry them.  Here's why.... 

The main issue I have with Lyric is how patients must pay for their product and services.  Different than traditional hearing aids, patients pay a yearly subscription fee to keep receiving Lyric products and services.   This means that you do not own the product; instead, you lease it.

A one year subscription for two hearing aids is on average between $3000-4000 and would require the patient to pay this same $3000-4000 fee every year to the hearing aid provider, unless his or her fees had been raised in the meantime. 

That would mean a five year subscription could potentially cost the patient between $15,000 to $20,000, which seems to be a pretty high "hidden" cost.

This is not the kind of relationship that is consistent with my philosophy of doing business with my patients and why I do not carry Lyric at this time.  If and when Lyric changes this policy to be more forthright and affordable, I will consider including Lyric in my line of hearing aid products.