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Why Dr. McHugh Does Not Use Lyric 

 Q:  I have seen advertised “extended wear, deep-canal hearing aids.”    Why doesn’t Dr. McHugh  offer them in his office? 

A:   I know very well about Lyric.  In 2008, I was trained to provide Lyric products, but after learning more about their deceptive selling methods, chose not to because it goes against my ethics of being totally upfront with my patients. 

Here are my concerns and what you should know before considering these hearing aids that seem almost too good to be true.  Concern #3 is the one you should play closest attention to. 

Concern 1:   MOST PEOPLE CAN'T USE LYRIC.  Seventy-five percent (75%) of people responding to Lyric ads cannot use Lyric because of their ear canal size or ear wax problems contraindicates their use.  So you might respond to an Lyric ad and find out it won't work for you.

Concern 2:  MISLEADING ADVERTISING.  While there is a disclaimer concerning ear canal size and other contraindications, this high non-candidacy rate is not clearly stated in Lyric advertisements, nor do the providers of these products take the responsibility to make this fact known to the unsuspecting public.  In this way, the provider can get you in the door, then go about selling you a more traditional hearing aid.  This may not explicity be bait-and-switch advertising, but it is very close.    

And, most importantly...
Concern 3:
  YOU DON'T OWN THESE HEARING AIDS.  Instead of owning your hearing aid(s), there is a yearly subscription that must be paid to have the devices serviced and refit at regualr intervals.  A one year subscription for two hearing aids is between $3000-4000 and requires you pay $3000-4000 each and every year.  Do the math.  You hope your hearing aids would last at least five years.  In that case, that would mean a five year subscription would potentially cost between $12,000-15,000!

The reason the hearing aid is leased is because it has to be replaced every three months.  Essentially, it is a "disposable" hearing aid. 
Because it is difficult for consumers to remove and insert the hearing aid, the user must visit the audiologist every three months to have the procedure completed. 
Now, does Lyric sound too good to be true? 

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