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Audiologists can be Medicare providers and bill Medicare for hearing tests, however, it is important you understand.....



1) Medicare does not cover hearing aids.  Medicare has never covered any part of the cost of hearing aids and most likely never will. If you need hearing aids, it is private pay. For more information, click on Medicare and hearing aid coverage.


2) Medicare does not allow audiologists to bill for ear cleanings.  If you need your ears cleaned by an audiologist, it is private pay.



We make it easy.  If you are of Medicare age, there is no fee for hearing testing or consultation.  If you need hearing aids, your hearing aids will be the absolute best the industry offers at fees that are lower than anyone else



But...What if my Medicare supplemental insurance plan covers hearing aids?  Typically the hearing aids covered by these insurances are tend to be for cheaper, or much cheaper quality hearing aid products.  If cheap, or paying nothing is what you want, this is your better option.  If you want top quality, serviced by an experienced audiologist, and at the very best prices, Colorado Springs Audiology is your best choice.



Audiologists and ENT physicians may bill Medicare for what is called "diagnostic tests" (audiology tests) as long as the purpose in no way involves determining the need, selection, or measurement of hearing aids.  This is where the lines become fuzzy. Many audiologists contend their testing is purely "diagnostic" in nature and the determination of hearing aid needs are totally separate and in no way associated with the sale of hearing aids.  Hm-m-m.  This is debatable, if not downright untrue. 


I believe it is deceptive to say, "YES, we take Medicare!" or "Yes, we take your insurance!" when rarely - if ever - it covers the much, much more expensive part of your visit - the hearing aid(s).  That's why I believe it is more up front to say "We do NOT take insurance."  In this way, you know the hearing aid(s) and/or ear cleaning is your responsibility.


Until 1993, I also billed Medicare and used the hearing examination to determine hearing aid needs, the same way other audiologists do now, but decided this was ethically and legally wrong and why I decided to stop billing Medicare for hearing exams.      


MESSAGE SUMMARY:  If you think you need hearing aids and you're calling to see if a provider takes Medicare - what's the use??...the hearing aids will definitely NOT be covered. 

Want a straight forward answer?  Give our office a call.