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    A complete examination always begins with a thorough history to help determine relevant issues concerning your hearing loss history.  Prior to being seen, review the information below and be able to answer these following questions: 





Within the past 90 days, have you had any significant changes of the following:

  • Hearing out of one of your ears

  • Attacks of vertigo or severe dizziness

  • Facial numbness

  • Pain in either ear

  • Fullness or pressure within either ear

  • Discharge from the ear (other than normal earwax)

     If you checked any of the above, be sure to tell your audiologist or hearing aid specialist. These conditions may necessitate referral to a physician for evaluation and treatment, as necessary, before being considered a candidate for personal amplification.

 What do you think may have contributed to your hearing problem?

  • Prolonged noise exposure (e.g., due to work, military duties, etc.)

  • Family histories (Is there anyone with hearing problems which occurred at or around your age?)

  • Head trauma (For example, did a head injury cause your hearing loss?)

  • Ototoxicities (Were you ever administered I.V. antibiotics for a serious infection?)

  • Previous ear surgeries (What was it for?)

  • Ear infections as a child (Do you remember having many ear infections?)

  • Other significant medical conditions (Are there any other reasons for having a hearing loss?)

Have you ever worn hearing aids in the past?

  • Yes

  • No

     If you have used hearing aid(s), what kind were they and how long have you used hearing aids? What success did you have? What problems did you encounter?


Do you have problems with either hand-finger dexterity or visual acuity?

  • Yes

  • No

     If so, what are they and is/are the problem(s) getting better or worse?