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     Standard Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aids require a custom earmold.  Earmolds have four functions:  1)  direct amplified sound from the hearing aid into the patient's ear canal and eardrum; 2) act as an anchor to keep the BTE securely on the ear; and 3) modify the acoustic properties in a manner that can either enhance word clarity and/or sound more natural to the user; and 4) when necessary, act a barrier to reduce feedback.  Earmolds require an ear impression. Cost varies between styles, but generally the cost is $75 for one or $150 for a binaural (i.e., two ear) set.


EAR IMPRESSIONS (for all custom ear products without ordering products)

      Custom ear impressions should be performed by a qualified audiologist or hearing aid specialist for which you will need to schedule a short (10-15 minute) appointment.  We will make sure your ear canals are clear, then make a silicone representation of the canal, as shown in the picture on the left. Normally, the fee for checking your ears and taking ear impressions is included in the custom product; however, the cost for custom ear impressions without ordering any products is $35.00


Hearing Protections Devices (HPD's)

      Hearing protection devices, or HPD's, are made to provide maximum sound attenuation in order to best protect your residual hearing.  If you are a shooter, it is especially important to use HPD's.  If you work in a noisy environment, as determined by OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration), you may be required to use HPD's.  Do it.  Research and personal experience with patients who have not protected their hearing shows a clear cause and effect, with the "effect" being devastating and permanent. Simple custom plugs for noise (Westone 40-4) run $120 for a set.  Shooter's plugs with sonic valve protectors (Westone #42) that activate (i.e., close) at 92dB SPL are $150.00.  And for the best and most comfortable set, consider custom fit "Electronic Shooter's Plugs" or ESP's.  A basic binaural set is just $775.00, approximately 15% lower than the MSRP.  ESP's require ear impressions.  


Musician's Plugs

     If you perform music professionally, you are well aware that your ears are an extremely important part of your overall skills.  You also know that constant exposure, especially if very loud, may result in permanent hearing impairment. It's not worth the risk.

     Musician's plugs are comfortable and retain the normal sounds of the music you play.   It involves having an ear impression taken (described above).  Be sure to move your jaw around just like you do on stage.  This makes the custom product the most comfortable.

     We use Westone Laboratories in Colorado Springs to fabricate our custom ear products.  It takes about two weeks from the time the mold is sent in until you have your plugs. 

     Musician's earplugs have also helped our patients suffering from hyperacusis (i.e., oversensitivity to loud sounds) resulting from serious head trauma.  It has been found to augment cognitive skills, especially in noise, take the edge off of very loud environments, and reduce stress levels commonly seen in closed head injuries. 

In-ear Monitors

     In-ear monitors are "high-end" technology for the professional musician and/or sound audiophile.  There is no better way to monitor on-stage sound while protecting your hearing from the overpowering on-stage than with your own custom made monitors. 

Swim Molds
are custom earmolds that float.  They can be made in a variety of colors including multi-color swirls that kids really love. The cost at our clinic is just $100/set.