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Cerumen Removal by Otomicroscopy*
* Otoscopy (external ear inspection) using a binocular microscope
    Below:  View of the external ear using the microscope.  This picture is only one dimentional (i.e., through one eye). With a binocular microscope, the view is two dimentional (two eyes) which offers a better sense of depth.  Earwax removal can be challenging to the clinican and uncomfortable for the patient.  Using a binocular microscope is safer and the procedure more comfortable for the patient because, quite simply it provides much better vision for the clinician.  In our office, our microscope is connected to two HDMI monitors on either side of the patient so they can see the extent of (or lack of) earwax - referred to as "co-diagnosis."  Only on rare occasions do patients prefer not to look.  It is educational and allows the patient to participate in their earwax removal procedure.