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Hearing aids will not restore normal hearing, nor will they make all listening situations easier.  Therefore if you use hearing aids, you will still need to implement strategies to understand what is being said.

Here are a few tips:

  • As you enter a room, stop, look, and listen.  Identify the sounds you hear such as traffic outside, a clock ticking, air conditioner or heater noise, water running and so on.
  • Observe gestures and body language as you communicate with friends and family and while watching TV.
  • Observe the mood of each individual or group of individuals you are a part of, in terms of how things are expressed.
  • Consider favorite topics of conversation of each person you see frequently. 
  • Observe the topics of conversation in typical communication situations and anticipate what these might be, for example, in a doctor's office, restaurant or while playing cards.
  • Observe and note whose voices are easier to hear versus those more difficult to understand.  What can you do to improve this situation?
  • Note the DISTANCE of the person speaking and your ability to SEE them.   Microphones in hearing aids do not pick up like the human eardrum.  In normal listening situations, do not be any further than 10 feet from the person speaking.  And, watch their face and mouth while they speak.