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Apples to Oranges

Why the Best "Brand" is ALL Brands

In marketing, the term "branding" means to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers. 

Because Dr. McHugh is completely independent and owns Colorado Springs Audiology, he can use all brands and types of hearing devices. He is not limited to brands assigned by another corporate entity which is unfortunately becoming the mainstream for establishments selling hearing aids.

If you are not familiar with hearing aid manufactories and products, you might think that "a hearing aid is a hearing aid, so what's the difference?"  After 25+ years in practice, you learn there are huge differences. And when certain companies and/or products are not successful, they are forced to sell their products at discounted costs to willing buyers; unfortunately, in the hearing aid business there are many takers.  Since many providers are in the business for the "short run" gain, they sell those products to you without the concern of how the hearing aid will affect you in the long run.  We're here for the long run.

That is also why Colorado Springs Audiology does not participate with any outside corporate interest that would limit our providers to brands such as Hearing Rehab, Costco, Sonus, Audigy, or Hearing Life where their employees make decisions about your hearing welfare.  Dr. McHugh has been in indepenent practice for 27 years and plans to stay in practice for many years, looking out for your long-term hearing healthcare best interests.

For the best brands of hearing aids, honesty, and follow-up services, Colorado Springs Audiology is your best choice because we are not limited.