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Apples to Apples

Why We Publish Our Prices on the Internet

     When Dr. McHugh started Colorado Springs Audiology in 1985, one of his goals was to provide hearing aids at reasonable prices and be "up front" in every regard.  This was prior to the Internet. Interestingly, some folks who compared the cost of a specific make and model of hearing aid recommended by another audiologist or hearing provider wondered if we are selling the exact same hearing aid "since our fees were so inexpensive. 

    Today, I publish my hearing aid costs on my web site.  Rest assured, "apples to apples," all hearing aids listed on my web site are the same make and model, and the prices are what they are.  And, we never make substitutions (referred as bait and switch) without very justifiable reasons. 

     We have been accused by others in the field of being "unprofessional" for actually publishing our fees on the Internet.  This is ludicrous.  People deserve to know how much things cost.  

      My web site tends to rate high on searches because of how long we've been on the web - since 1998 - and because of my name colorado springs audiology - and because of my Internet site name coloradoaudiology.com.  However, I do not advertise with search engine - never have and never will.   

     As a result, we have had some interesting inquiries from around the country since people often review web sites when considering hearing aids.  Even people from foreign countries have tried to buy hearing aids from us by mail because our fees are typically lower, and sometimes much lower than other providers.  Unfortunately, we do not provide hearing aids by mail and only provide hearing aids to persons/patients who physically come to our office.

     So be a smart consumer and shop around. Apples to apples, you'll save money, and along the way you will certainly feel you were tested and treated by an extremely nice office staff and by a professional with over 35 years of experience.