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Colorado Springs

Audiology, Inc.



Phone  719.520.1155



Dr. Gene McHugh

Licensed Audiologist

in Colorado


Mountain Time USA


9:00 AM-5:00 PM

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To measure efficacy, we send patients a post-fitting satisfaction questionnaire three months after fitting - known as the INTERNATIONAL OUTCOMES INVENTORY FOR HEARING AIDS, ABBREVIATED IOIHA which we modified slightly for our purposes.

Q1.  Think about how much ou used your hearing aid(s) over the past two weeks.  On an average, how many hours did you use your hearing aids?
None Less than one hour per day One to four hour(s) per day Four to eight hours per day More than eight hours per day


Q2.  Think about the situations where you most wanted to hear better before you got your present hearing aid(s).  Over the past two weeks, how much has the hearing aid(s) helped in those situations?

Has not helped at all

Has helped slightly

Has helped moderately

Has helped quite a lot

Has helped very much







Q3. Think again about the situations where you most wanted to hear better.  When you use your present hearing aid(s), how much difficulty do you STILL have in those situations? 

Extreme difficulty

Quite a lot of difficulty

Moderate difficulty

Slight difficulty

No difficulty






Q4. Considering everything, do you think your present hearing aid(s) is worth the trouble?

Not at all worth it

Slightly worth it

Moderately worth it

Quite a lot worth it

Very much worth it







Q5.  Over that past two weeks, with your present hearing aid(s), how much have your hearing difficulties affected the things you do?

Affected very  much

Affected quite a lot

Affected moderately

Affected slightly

Affected not at all







Q6.  Over the past two weeks, with your present hearing aid(s), how much do you think other people were bothered by your hearing difficulties?

Bothered very much

Bothered quite a bit

Bothered moderately

Bothered slightly

Bothered not at all







Q7.  Considering everything, how much has your present hearing aid(s) changed your enjoyment of life?


No change

Slightly better

Quite a lot better

Very much better







Q8. In your opinion, how much skill and/or personal attention did the audiologist and staff exhibit to you as a patient?




Above average








Q9. Considering location and accessibility, how would you rate the office of Colorado Springs Audiology?

Very poor



Above average








Q10. Would you recommend other family or friends to this office for hearing or hearing aid services?

Not at all

Probably not